for high-performing hardware teams.

We make integrated software for managing multidisciplinary, R&D intensive engineering workflows. Save engineer time, reduce human error, eliminate departmental boundaries — and start leveraging your team's latent technical knowledge.

Reduce friction. Increase visibility. Iterate faster.

Painless collaboration.

The modern design office makes efficient teamwork a challenge — with large teams, fragmented communications, poor visibility, and heavily siloed systems and procedures.

With a centralised, collaborative development environment that's been expressly designed for multidisciplinary engineering, Anneal can help your engineering teams work better together, whatever their discipline.

Catch issues early. Respond quickly.

Best practice built-in.

Technical peer review is hard to get right. Hard-copy processes are slow, largely untraceable, and don't work for distributed teams — and e-mailing screenshots and annotated images isn't much better.

With configurable approval policies, centralised parameter management, and built-in peer review tools that are designed for hardware development, we can help improve process speed, traceability, and robustness.

Capture. Aggregate. Analyse.

Intelligent knowledge management.

Performance differentiating IP is too often scattered across network drives, reports systems, and decentralised, forward-facing, and chaotic inboxes.

Our automatic knowledge capture means your IP is always in the box, where it belongs. Clever processing means we can dramatically increase the discoverability of that data - making it easy for engineers to find what they need, when they need it.

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