By engineers,
for engineers.

We think of the engineers and we build for the engineers because we are the engineers.

We've lived the frustration of legacy systems, untraceable peer-review, and 'over the wall' requests you didn't know were coming. We leverage that experience to make sure that we build tools that can actually help your team.

We put the user first.

We believe that good process should make things better for product development teams, not worse.

Our specialty — our focus — is engineering process, and the tools required to get that right. Adopting our software means your engineers can focus on what they're best at: the engineering.


Nick McCleery

Founder & CEO

Nick is a multidisciplinary mechanical/
software engineer, and an IMechE award winning graduate of the Mechanical Engineering programme at Queen's University Belfast. His professional experience as an engineer spans seven Formula One seasons, from 2012 through 2018, and encompasses naturally aspirated and turbocharged hybrid powertrain development, vehicle dynamics, and race strategy.

Whilst at Mercedes AMG HPP, he was part of the 2014 and 2015 F1 World Championship winning teams, thereafter joining Force India and helping guide the team to its consecutive 4th place finishes of 2016 and 2017; the Silverstone outfit's best results since Jordan's 3rd place finish of 1999.

Motivated by his experience of the design and development processes in place at some of the world's most advanced engineering teams, and by modern DevOps practices, Nick founded Anneal and committed full-time to the company in early 2021.

Keelan Graham-Sands

Software Engineer

Keelan is an experienced, versatile, and highly capable software engineer, with a background that covers problem spaces as diverse as modern web application and machine learning system development.

He holds a 1st Class MEng in Software Engineering from Queen's University Belfast, and his contribution spans topics, languages, and frameworks.

His professional experience includes front-end development for threat detection, behavioural analytics, and data governance systems, and this is supported by research experience that includes the design and development of a deep reinforcement neural network for natural language processing.

Geert van der Veen

Software Engineer

Geert is a high-performing Computer Science student from Ulster University, and is currently taking part in a placement year with the team.

As a highly commended student, with an extremely impressive academic track record and a legitimate interest in technology, Geert is now building tools to help us practice what we preach: enabling best practice and improving the efficiency of the product development process.

His professional experience also includes time spent helping develop enterprise data management systems for the aerospace and defence industry.


Ian Williamson

Director, Strathearn Management Resources

Former CEO of EDEM Solutions, now Altair EDEM, Ian is an experienced and highly successful commercial leader with first-hand knowledge of the engineering software space.

Originally a graduate of the Computing Science programme at the University of Aberdeen, Ian's extensive professional experience spans four decades, and includes sales and management roles with Digtal Equipment Corporation, IBM, and EDEM Solutions, amongst others.

He now helps companies such as our own to navigate the specialised worlds in which his expertise lies, and helps guide our commercial direction and ensure our decision making stands to reason.

Duncan Dunbar

Director, Dunbar Race Engineering

Duncan is a mechanical engineer and engineering leader with an illustrious background. An IMechE chartered motorsport specialist, his professional experience includes nearly a decade with the Mercedes Formula One powertrain division, Mercedes AMG HPP, but also extends to engineering roles in both MotoGP and British Superbikes.

Duncan's work has drawn many accolades; alongside awards from the IMechE and Cranfield University, Duncan's engineering prowess was a direct factor in no less than four Mercedes-powered F1 World Championship victories, and has undoubtedly left an engineering legacy that has helped Mercedes achieve its subsequent record-breaking run as a constructor.

He now runs an engineering and motorsport consultancy business, Dunbar Race Engineering, and his wealth of engineering and engineering management experience brings great value.

Dr. Alan Kennedy

Founder & CEO, PulseAI

Alan is a biomedical engineer by training, and holds a PhD in the application of deep learning for the diagnosis of medical conditions. His research is internationally renowned, and he has received awards from both the Institute of Engineering and Technology and the International Society of Computerized Electrocardiology.

Prior to founding PulseAI, Alan also worked as a Research Scientist at Philips Healthcare, specialising in the development of machine learning based methods for cancer detection. Alan’s expertise in developing and deploying complex AI driven systems makes him ideally placed to provide guidance on AI and data strategy.

Peter Doggart

CTO, PulseAI

A Computer Systems Engineering graduate, Pete's academic excellence led him to receive numerous scholarships and awards, recognising outstanding performance in engineering and engineering mathematics, for achieving the highest grades of any student of an IET accredited programme, and for being the best performing student from all disciplines in his graduating year.

As a professional engineer, his experience includes several years working within the research group at Jaguar Land Rover, developing next generation V2X communication systems, and working in conjunction with advanced driver assistance and autonomous vehicle teams. It also includes senior and executive roles in biometrics and ECG diagnostics. Pete's broad expertise makes him well placed to advise on both automotive working practices and machine learning.